Hump-Day within Interrogations


Guess what day it is? Yeah, it’s hump-day! We start each week not knowing exactly what the week will bring, but by the middle of the week many people start focusing on the weekend. It seems that once we get past the midweek “hump” it’s all downhill from there and we know we will soon be enjoying the weekend!
Interrogations work in a similar way. We start the interrogation not knowing the truth about what happened, but at the end of the interrogation we will be enjoying the weekend knowing we got the truth! There is a ‘hump-day” within the interrogation as well, and once we get over that “hump” it’s all downhill from there. What is that hump? Resistance
A deceptive person has information that they don’t want to disclose for a variety of reasons such as fear of being arrested, fired, or being embarrassed about their actions. There are many other reasons people do not want to tell the truth, but the bottom line is that there is some resistance holding them back. 
If you take a person who committed a crime who is being interviewed about it, on a scale from 0-------------------------10, with 0 being they won’t say anything at all, and 10 being a total cleansing of their soul, that person’s willingness to tell the truth is probably not completely at 0 or completely at 10, but rather somewhere in between. Most people want to tell the truth and realize that there are benefits to doing so, but that resistance is holding them back. Maybe they are 20% or 30% of the way there, but not until you get them to over 50% will the scales tip in favor of the truth. Prior to that the weight of that resistance is holding them down. 
Once you get them to 51% or more, they are on track to realizing the benefits of being honest and you are on your way to getting the truth. Just like tipping the scales; if there is more weight on one side of the scale, it will tip in that direction. During an interview or interrogation, if more of the weight is on the “unwilling” side, the interviewer should help them realize the benefits of telling the truth, thus putting more weight on the “wiling side.” For more information on overcoming resistance within interviews click HERE.


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