Cognitive Interviewing

Cognitive Interviewing is an excellent format for conducting investigative interviews with victims and witnesses of crime. The process is grounded in the science of memory and cognitive psychology and has been proven in academic studies as well as field application to extract significantly more information as well as more ACCURATE information than standard interviewing techniques. The process uses open questioning techniques and specific questioning strategies which allow the individual to effectively probe their memory. Many officers use questions which limit information from memory, and worse yet, they may use questions which DISTORT memory, which is a huge problem for effective law enforcement and public safety. Gathering accurate and reliable information from victims and witnesses of crime help to direct investigations in the proper direction which results is closed cases. If information is limited, there is obviously less information to go on within the investigation which means reduced solvability factors. If information from a person is distorted, intentionally or accidentally through ineffective or inappropriate questioning, the investigation can go down the wrong path and be suspended without closure, or worse yet, identify the wrong suspect(s).

Make sure you get the most reliable information from your next interview! Also, by understanding how memory works, you will be able to identify when information is likely be deceptive and not coming from memory! 

To learn Cognitive Interviewing techniques we have training in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Michigan so far during the remainder of 2013:

Manchester, NH September 4th through 6th:

Jackson, MI September 9th through 11th:

Paxton, MA October 7th through 9th: 

*If you would like to hear an overview of the Cognitive Interview, which is about 14 minutes long, click HERE. It is by Becky Milne, a researcher and instructor of cognitive interviewing in England. 


Our primary purpose is to enhance the investigator's ability to develop rapport, facilitate communication, extract more accurate information, detect deception and obtain the TRUTH from every investigative inquiry.


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