The Brain Map of Words

Interesting research has shown how various words are processed in different parts of the brain. With tens of thousands of words known by the average person, each are grouped and processed differently by the person’s brain. Consider the impact of this within the context of investigative interviewing and criminal interrogation. When you probe a person’s account of an event, they are drawing the words from various parts of their brain to accurately relate information to you about the event under investigation. If they are truthful, they are relying on their memory of the event and chose the words accordingly. If they decide to lie to you because they are guilty of the crime under investigation, they still have the memory of the event and know the truthful narrative of what happened, but they have to choose different words and create a different, fabricated story, or skip over information all together. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the words people use. Often, when someone is not telling the truth, information is leaked into their narrative that they don’t want you to know, if you know what to look for. This video and the supporting research clearly shows the complexity of the human brain when it comes to language and its importance within investigative interviews and criminal interrogations. 



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