The "ACID" Test for Deception


Investigators seem to be looking for the silver bullet for detecting deception; an instrument, contraption or tool that can distinguish between deception and truthfulness in people. Investigators need to stop looking for a "tool" and focus on "training." A properly trained interviewer is the best defense in preventing all the negative impact that comes when someone effectively lies during an investigation, whether that is in the context of a police interrogation, corporate investigation or military intelligence operation. Recent academic and field studies have demonstrated that training in ACID, which is an acronym for Assessment Criteria Indicative of Deception, significantly increased a person's ability to assess the credibility during interviews. I am excited to have Kevin Colwell teaching the ACID technique on The Lie Boat training cruise, which is scheduled for April 2016! Click the link below for more information about ACID and The Lie Boat!

Psychopaths; Managed but not Cured

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Dr. Hare and other experts, including forensic psychologists and FBI profilers, consider psychopathy to be the most important forensic concept of the early twenty-first century because of its relevance to law enforcement, corrections, the courts and related fields. Dr. Hare and his associates developed the Psychopathy Check List Revised (PCL-R) and its derivatives which provide a clinical assessment of the degree of psychopathy that an individual possesses. This article in Psychology Today discusses more about that and how it is believed that criminal psychopaths can be managed but not cured.

So, once identified, how can you effectively deal with a psychopath? How can you conduct effective interviews or interrogations with people who are psychopathic or who have psychopathic tendencies?

Understanding Psychopathy and the Psychopathic Mind and how to Effectively Interview the Psychopathic Personality are some of the training courses on The Lie Boat training cruise.

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Click the link below to pay for The Lie Boat training in 4 Easy monthly installments of $125!

Understanding and Interviewing Psychopaths


Not all criminals are psychopaths and not all psychopaths are criminals. However, at some point you will encounter them, and if you are an investigator in law enforcement or the corporate arena, you will have to interview or interrogate them. Unfortunately, their minds do not function the same as the remaining 98% of the population, and there is a significantly higher percentage of people with psychopathic tendencies who think and act in a similar manner but who may not be specifically classified as “psychopathic.” That being said, traditional approaches to interviews and interrogations will often fall short of reaching the truth with such people, and you run a high chance of being manipulated by them during the interview or interrogation as well. One of the keys to successfully dealing with psychopaths and people with similar tendencies is to know how their minds work and how they think. Once you understand them you can learn specific tactics and techniques that will help you effectively deal with such individuals. Both of these trainings will be covered on The Lie Boat!; “Understanding Psychopathy & the Psychopathic Mind” and “Interviewing the Psychopathic Personality.” As you delve into the mind of the psychopath, you may as well enjoy yourself on a cruise to Bermuda!


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